Sunday, February 22, 2015

Colorful Fall Leaves? Not this time...

At the end of September, we always go on an annual drive with Russ's family to see the changing leaves. For some reason or other, there was no color when we went this year...At least not color in the leaves. We did, however, see a beautiful colorful rainbow, and the drive was beautiful all the same. It was pretty cold for our picnic afterwards, but the kids never seem to mind. I love traditions :)

Isn't Nora a little cutie?
 photo IMG_6195_zps9c6ku7oh.jpg  photo IMG_6196_zpsnl7zzeue.jpg  photo IMG_6197_zpsinolfjq7.jpg  photo IMG_6199 crop_zpsueumuxrk.jpg
These girls are so cute together! I'm glad they are good friends and that Mylie has a cousin so close in age to her. I can't wait until we move into our new house so they can get together again!
 photo IMG_6203_zpsftyz60xm.jpg  photo IMG_6204_zpsec48vqkq.jpg 
Oh, look! Someone must have talked to Nora. She has/had (still kind of has) major stranger anxiety. She is a mama and dada's girl for sure!
 photo IMG_6205_zpsqi5ndo6y.jpg
Cute boys!
 photo IMG_6207_zpsadcqc9jv.jpg 
I love Coy's smile for pictures.
 photo IMG_6208_zpss3rvpisi.jpg 
Here is the beautiful colorful rainbow by the not so colorful leaves.
 photo IMG_6209_zpszksuxpkj.jpg

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