Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Birthday!

Aaaagh! If I am writing about my birthday, that means I am almost 6 months behind on here! Bennett was actually reminding me this morning about my half birthday.

My birthday was great this year! We celebrated by taking the family to Chuck-a-Rama! It was actually REALLY good, and it was so much fun for the kiddos! Nora was a little angel and actually slept almost the whole time while we ate...which is saying something because she was still getting over her surgery at the time. All I wanted for my birthday was a happy baby, and I actually got it that day! My parents came too, and it was nice to visit and eat with them as well. Plus my mom had all the info on what was good to get, since they had been there recently. (I probably haven't been there in over 10 years!) I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

I also bought myself the movie Frozen for my birthday and we all watched it that night. I hadn't seen it and it was nice to finally see how the songs fit into the movie since my kids had been playing the soundtrack like crazy in the weeks previous.

There are probably some other wonderful things about my birthday that I could write, but seeing as it was almost half a year ago and that it is late and I have been up since 4:50 AM, I cannot think and just need to go to bed! So here are the pictures:

 photo IMG_1521_zps0ecb7f01.jpg  photo IMG_1522_zpsadc03a60.jpg  photo IMG_1529_zpse04c9467.jpg 
Here's Nora, just because she's cute:
 photo IMG_1544_zps1471a008.jpg
Oh, these are way cute Frozen "figurines" that Mylie made for the occasion. She is always so creative and is constantly creating art :)
 photo IMG_1545_zps77816848.jpg
Speaking of creating things, Mylie also made a crown for Nora one day. Isn't it so darling? My girls truly are my little princesses!
 photo noracrownforblog_zps983513d2.jpg

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