Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Looking Back~Miss Nora

This little lady has captured all of our hearts. It is so fun (and sad) looking back. She has grown so fast. Where has the time gone?!! These pics were when she was a little bit over 4 months. I'm slowly catching up! (These days she is getting near 10 months old...and is already saying little words. Crazy right? She already says uh-oh like a pro, and is starting to mimic little words...Like today it was "click" because that was what I was saying as I'd clip each of her fingernails. I think we might have an early talker on our hands like Mylie was, but I guess time will tell!) So anyway, back to when she was 4 months old....

 photo IMG_4753_zps36b6e082.jpg  photo IMG_4805crop_zps77ab020a.jpg  photo IMG_4804_zpsf8272238.jpg  photo IMG_4743_zps5c096ff5.jpg  photo IMG_4741_zps064f3a66.jpg  photo IMG_4738_zpsdebf44e2.jpg

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Anonymous said...

1 word, ADORABLE!! Grandma H