Friday, November 29, 2013

Picking Pumpkins 2013

This was a very bittersweet visit for us. We have been going to this beautiful little pumpkin stand to choose our pumpkins ever since Bennett was a baby. We found out this is the last year the man would be doing it since he has to retire. I'm so glad I took my camera and was able to get a lot of pictures. I am also glad that the weather was beautiful and that kids had a wonderful last time. We are so sad to say good bye to this tradition. I am sad this little baby girl in me will never get to choose a pumpkin there and get her picture taken. That is why we decided to try to get a little belly shot since it will be her only visit. Hopefully we will be able to find a fun place to choose pumpkins next year!
 photo a_zps6065f81c.jpg  photo b_zpsabedecef.jpg  photo c_zpsd26cc57e.jpg  photo d_zps8c43041c.jpg  photo e_zps61e811b0.jpg  photo f_zpsdcbee3d5.jpg  photo g_zpsca51b1ef.jpg  photo h_zps47691f24.jpg  photo i_zps5af952f8.jpg  photo j_zps5bde8802.jpg  photo k_zps2be32bc2.jpg  photo l_zps00160761.jpg  photo m_zps0e7babe4.jpg  photo n_zpsab9d2fa0.jpg  photo o_zpscba4e230.jpg  photo p_zps1adc06bd.jpg  photo q_zps9a4e689d.jpg  photo r_zps080542f4.jpg
Things we loved about this place are the prices (so ridiculously low), close to home, great for photos (perfect lighting at night and they always set up spots exactly for that reason), a fun old-fashioned scale to weigh the pumpkins, the owner always has a carved pumpkin head and is willing to take pictures with you if you want, and he always puts the pumpkin head on Russ. None of the kids cried this year!

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