Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back 2 School {2013}

I am still floored that Mylie is in Kindergarten now and my first baby, Bennett, is in Second Grade! And we are already in the second quarter of school! They are both loving school and doing so well.

Here is Mylie and Coy before we headed out to Back to School night. They love helping me water my flowers. (Kind of crazy that we just finally pulled everything out this past weekend and now we are pretty much done with the yard work and on to the next season!)

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Here is Bennett on his first day of school. I always love the "honeymoon" stage of school when they get up super early, get ready super fast, and are out the door way before they need to be. Too bad that only lasts about 2~3 days, and then the exhaustion sets in :) Isn't he a handsome second grader, though? He has great teachers again and is really getting good at Spanish!
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Mylie had to wait a week until she got to have her first day of school. So it was double the fun this year with two "First Days of School." She was also beyond excited, and was even sad when the weekend came. She said she wishes she could go to school every day, even on Saturdays and Sundays! I think once her exhaustion had set it, which it definitely did, she has probably realized that having the weekends off is a good thing!

She picked her own outfit and hairdo for the first day of school--a bright pink dress and lots of curls! She also chose her bright pink sequined heart back pack. Always so girly!
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Mylie had to be super fancy every day for Kindergarten. It took me a long time to convince her to wear pants to school. Every night she would set out matching accessories/jewelry for what she would wear. Luckily, that has worn off a little. She might even wear pants or leggings as many as two times a week now! Usually it is skirts and dresses.

Saying goodbye at the bus is always fun and a little sad at the same time. (But I really have been enjoying the special time I have with just Coy in the mornings!) Cute Bennett always goes with Mylie off the bus and walks her to the Kindergarten doors. For the first while he would even always give her a hug and kiss when he left her, but Mylie told me he doesn't do that any more. But he still does walk her to her door. What a little gentleman!
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Of course I had to follow the bus to school to see Mylie's arrival into Kindergarten. I am glad the teachers tolerate this parental behavior at her school :) It is fun to see them line up for the first time, find their desks, and just be excited to go! We are so happy with Mylie's teacher as well. She is amazing!
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At this point Mylie was like, "OK, Mom. Get out of here!" I didn't linger too long, even though I really wished I could be a fly on the wall. I may be weird, but I honestly miss my kids so much when they are at school. It is a big part of their lives that I am not a part of, and it is really hard for me! I have always tried to find ways to volunteer so I could see a little what their school days are like, but because of this pregnancy, I am not able to as much. I've hardly seen any of Bennett's class this year which I really miss, but I've been able to go into Mylie's class to play the piano for singing time a few times.

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