Thursday, November 28, 2013

Harkness Extended Family Pictures

We took these back on October 20th. It was push the shutter and watch the pregnant lady run to her place while hoping the little ones still were looking at the camera and smiling. Thus, the riding up skirt on me in some of the pictures and dear, sweet Coy pulling a different funny face in each picture. We had made the tie-dyed shirts at a family reuninion in the summer and joked that it would be funny to send out a card that said Hippie Holidays. That is why we have really amazing shirts on for some of these :)
 photo IMG_3353edit_zps5be98f7e.jpg  photo IMG_3356editcrop_zps48060bef.jpg  photo IMG_3358edit_zps3a0ee0e1.jpg  photo IMG_3359editcrop_zps25216405.jpg  photo IMG_3367edit_zps50285785.jpg  photo IMG_3371edit_zpsc00954a5.jpg  photo IMG_3372editcrop_zps821cd7ac.jpg  photo IMG_3373edit_zps74c31f95.jpg

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