Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Lagoon is always a highlight of our summer. It is so fun to experience through the eyes of a child. It was especially fun to experience it with Coy, this being his first time there. That kid just has a zest for life. He gets so excited about things and still literally shakes when he is excited. He has since he was a baby, and luckily hasn't grown out of it.

I spent most of my time hanging out with Coy and Mylie while Bennett went off with Russ on the thrill rides. I couldn't ride much being pregnant, but I still really enjoyed myself. It is so fun to see the excitement of the kids. Bennett was at that funny in-between stage where he can still ride most in kiddy land, and wants to, but also likes to ride the grown up rides, too. So he still rode Bulgy the Whale but also got to try out the new Air Race Ride, being just barely tall enough. He also can't get enought of Wicked. Oh, and just so I don't forget, Mylie was also excited about Bulgy the Whale, but called it "Wedgie the Whale." So that is what she and Coy called it, and if I said "Bulgy", Coy thought I was saying it wrong. :)

Lagoon definitely isn't Disneyland, but at least there are pretty much no lines and not much waiting. The kids didn't ever have to practice their patience.

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My very favorite picture of all is of Coy putting his arm around Mylie on Bulgy...I mean Wedgie, the Whale.
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