Tuesday, October 22, 2013

17 Weeks Pregnant (16 weeks ago...)

Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks pregnant, but this post/belly pic was from when I was 17 weeks pregnant. The doctor told us at 13 weeks that we were going to have a GIRL!!! But that was just too good to be true! He was certain, but I just couldn't believe it. I was convinced/had a feeling it would be another boy, and up to that point, I had been 100% correct on my feelings of what gender each of my children would be. I just knew Bennett was a boy (well, everyone did). I "knew" from the second I found out I was pregnant with Mylie that she was a girl...in fact I told Russell one day before even testing, "I am pregnant, and it is a girl." With Coy, once again we all knew he'd be a boy. For those who know the story, he was labeled the "next little boy." So when my "feelings" were telling me my fourth would be a boy, I convinced myself it was, even though deep in my heart I REALLY REALLY wanted another girl, as did Bennett and Mylie. They always said the baby would be a girl. But I just knew it was too good to be true. I mean, who really gets that? Boy, girl, boy, then a girl? So as said before, 13 weeks, she was looking like a girl. What!!?? I couldn't TRULY get excited until this day. 17 weeks pregnant. July 5th. We went in, and guess what? She was STILL a GIRL!! YEA!! Bennett still thinks it is great that I was wrong and he was right. He just knew it was a girl. So we are anxiously awaiting her arrival, and I think this is the last time I technically took a "belly" pic of me. Shame on me!

 photo blog1_zps08f840ae.jpg  photo blog2_zps50e1604f.jpg
Of course Mylie and Coy had to get in on the action and get their picture taken, too :) Oh, and looking back, man I've grown a lot since then!

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