Saturday, September 14, 2013

Summer Recap~Part III: The Zoo

We had a lot of fun at the zoo this summer. The bad news is that it was about 103 degrees when we went--so it was HOT. But the good news is that is was 103 degrees which means hardly anyone was there! So it was nice not to have all of the crowds! We were able to see a lot, and it was so cool to see the new polar bear! Thank goodness there were a lot of misters and big fans that blew a water mist, so we were able to cool off a little here and there.

 photo blog1_zps80efe26a.jpg  photo blog2_zps209df985.jpg  photo blog4_zpsb239efdb.jpg  photo blog6_zps65be1fdb.jpg  photo blog3_zps692e03f6.jpg
Trying to cool off under the drips of the overhead water mists.
 photo blog5_zps5b2b62c6.jpg
We love the carousel!
 photo blog7_zpsf4cb5c17.jpg  photo blog9_zps39a0cd31.jpg  photo blog10_zps6eb65103.jpg
Getting $.50 ice cream cones at Burger King afterward, since cones at the zoo cost about $4 each!
 photo blog11_zps64a79aee.jpg

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Kyle ♥ Ashlyn said...

I wish we had a good zoo here! Look like so much fun, your kids are always dressed and look so stinking cute