Wednesday, May 23, 2012

easter festivities~

After we returned home from our little getaway, that Friday night we started our Easter festivities at Russ's parents. Russell's mom did the cutest egg treasure hunt with each of the kids. Each egg had a clever little clue inside (with a little treat) to take the kids to their next egg. Each hunt was individualized for each of the kids. At the end of the hunt, they found their "treasure." Bennett got his next set of Magic Treehouse books (he was thrilled) and Mylie got The Napping House (such a cute book) and Coy got The Going to Bed Book. The kids then got to color Easter eggs. I love their garbage sack shirts. They worked great! Coy mostly spent the evening playing with a musical Easter Bunny.

Bennett was right to reading his new books the next morning. Even before we started our little hunt at home.

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