Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Am a Superstar!

Mylie has joined little girl heaven! I was hesitant to sign her up for dance because of all of the "bad" that is out there, but she really has a lot of natural ability for it. So Russell was actually the one that pursued it and found a teacher that we both really like and feel good about! Not only does her teacher have great values and standards (which is really important to us), but she (along with her daughter) is an amazing teacher! (Almost all of her dancers won first place in their categories, and if not first they won second!) So if you are looking for a great dance teacher, let me know and I can refer you!

Mylie danced in two competitions (I know, kind of crazy to have them "compete" at this age), but her little group did really good! They got 2nd place in their category at the first one, and then 1st place at the one last weekend! Their dance was to a little song called "Superstar". Their little outfits are so darling. It's been fun to get her all dressed up--even with makeup! (Mascara, lipstick, and "flush", as Mylie called it). Like I said, little girl heaven!


Critt & Britt said...

Check out those eyelashes. She will be loving those when she's all grown up.

Strong Family said...

She is adorable! How fun to watch her develop her talents.