Tuesday, June 5, 2012

more easter~

I have so much I want to get on here! I need to get caught up so I can document all of the things I want to! I have so many pictures to go through, especially since we just returned from our trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth!" So I'm back to the Easter posts I never finished.

Here is our Easter Saturday.

A little family pic:
That morning we had a litte hunt at our house.

Mylie got some Princess CDs. She was in heaven dancing along!
Mylie drew this picture to give to my Grandma at the Easter Hunt she holds every year:
So we headed over to my Grandparents for the best Easter Hunt of the year! It is always fun to see everyone and the kids love the hunt, and everyone loves the pinatas!
Waiting in line to get out there and hunt:

Coy was a little terror that day. He didn't want anyone to help him, touch him, hold his hand, or hold him. He finally had to be confined to his stroller so as not to inflict injuries upon himself. He was happier when he got a little ice cream in him.
These are all of my parents' grandchildren...except for Blake. We wish he could have been there! Quite the group! (Yes mom, I will get you a copy of all of these group pictures if you want!)
Showing their true colors!

And Bennett brought home a little pinata souvenir, worn as a hat. He really wanted a picture of it.

There you have it! Our Easter Saturday in a nutshell!

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richfam said...

Cute pictures. Looks like they had fun.