Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Official...He's 5 (and he tells me all the time!)

Oh, how I love this little guy! He turned 5 on Friday, and I think the day was a success! But before the pics, here are some things about Bennett these days:
  • He loves learning and is an absolute sponge!
  • He loves reading and amazes me everyday how easily he is picking it up...I wish I could take more credit, but he really is a self-motivated learner!
  • He loves his sister, Mylie, and tells me he wants to marry her. I tell him he will change his mind, but he doesn't believe me. "I just love Mylie, Mom. I won't change my mind." We'll see, buddy.
  • He is obsessed with time and numbers. He loves to tell time and thinks it is awesome when he stays up past 8 o'clock (I don't think it is so awesome).
  • He loves music and songs...he memorizes all of the track numbers to every CD he listens to. He can tell you what number any song is on any given CD (that he has listened to).
  • He has an amazing memory. He can tell you how old anyone is in our entire family...both sides, even most of his great-grand parents. The other day he was telling Russ that he knows who the oldest person in our family is. "Well, kind of in our family. It's Grandpa Laughter's sister. She's 85. Her name is Venice. I have a good 'remembery', huh." Yes he does have a good "remembery." Venice introduced herself almost a month ago at my grandpa's 80th birthday party.
Anyhow, you get the picture...now on to the pictures...
Bennett has been asking for Jesse and Bullseye ever since he got Woody and Buzz last year for his birthday {see here}. He also wanted costumes (another current fav of his right now!)

We headed on over to Color Me Mine for his cousin party. He wanted to do something fun with his 3 cousins (and Mylie, of course). Bennett is among 4 boys in our family (my side) that were all born within 10 months. They are the best of friends.
The ceramic studio was WAY FUN! The kids had fun picking their figures, and painting away!

Mylie was all seriousness! I had this great plan of "helping" her paint a beautiful Snow White that looked like the real thing. I even picked the correct colors. Mylie had her own idea. I think Snow White had about 40 layers of paint on top of her head. I think I will love her version much better than what I had in mind! I can't wait to see it when I pick it up on Friday.

My wonderful mother came to help out...good thing! It was nice to have an extra pair of hands. Coy wasn't the happiest guy this day, but luckily ended up sleeping a lot of the time! Check out his face...see, not happy.

Oh, Mylie again...so cute.

Bennett chose a robot to paint (eventually). I am so excited to see the final product! His red cheeks (as well as Mylie's) are a great indicator that it is too warm! That place was heating up that day from the south-facing windows. It, really was a pleasant day outside.

The gang:

Oh, here they all are, the 4 musketeers! They are so cute, and such great friends!

Afterward, my little fam took a walk down the street to go out to eat. We were planning on going to Olive Garden (Bennett's favorite), but we ran out of time. I wish we had stuck with Olive Garden, the place we chose was kind of a disappointment. Oh well...

The next party of the day. I was sCrAmBliNg to get this cake done and the food and decor ready. I essentially ran out of time. But, things turned out OK. I swear, cake-making is so stressful! Things never turn out as planned, and you always have to adjust things last minute!

Bennett chose a race track cake, so we kind of went with the whole race track theme. The cake (or should I say cupcakes) looks good, as long as you don't see the original picture I was going from!

Five Candles!

Happy Birthday, Bennett! I love, love, LOVE you!!


Gary, Aubrey, and Jacob Monson said...

Very cute! I love the cake, and it looks like the cousins had a blast.

Heidi said...

That color me mine place looks so cool! I can't believe he's 5. You are such a cute mom! It looks like the party turned out great!

Amber said...

What a fun party! Your kids always look so cute! They will love looking back at their fun b-day parties when they get older! Pretty sure Mylie is going to be a model- she is just beautiful!