Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bennett is 4!!!

So I was thinking it was about time I had a happier post on this blog! Last week was Bennett's 4th birthday! I can't believe how much he has grown! The day he was born and I became a mother was the best day of his life!

Isn't he a stud?

He is and always has been so smart. He has a knack for learning and memorizing things. Right now he loves counting 100 and can sound out and read simple words. He loves to sing and runs around in circles singing Michael Buble all day. You should hear this kid belt out "Fever!" Not to mention he's got Mylie singing them, too! (More about that to come!)

I couldn't help put a few of his newborn pictures on here. How I wish I had the photography skills and camera back then! I will definitely be ready next baby. Looking at these pictures is making me baby hungry!

Bennett loves Toy Story and has been asking for Woody and Buzz for his birthday since the spring! He was pretty excited and had so much fun playing with them all morning.

One of the first things he checked after opening them was the bottom of their feet. He looked at Buzz's and said, "It's the wrong Buzz!" (see Toy Story 2). So we explained to him that this is his Buzz. Then he insisted on me writing his name on each of their feet.

Bennett got some new ties for his Birthday, too (thank you Peanut Posh!) He really wanted to wear one with his Birthday outfit. He wore it all day. I thought it looked pretty cute.

Mylie posed for some pics too. These two kids get along so well. They love to play together. They give each other lots of hugs and kisses and just play, play, play! My favorite sound is their laughter. (Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of crying, too, which I don't love so much!)

Bennett picked a blue guitar cake this year. It looks OK, as long as you don't see the picture of what it was supposed to look like. do you even frost a cake that has been cut out? It crumbs everywhere and is such a mess. I tried freezing it this time before frosting it, which helped a little, but seriously, are those cakes in those pictures even cakes underneath the frosting? Oh well, all the kids thought the cake was great.

Okay here it is. The gift that surpassed Woody and Buzz. Grandma and Grandpa Harkness got Bennett the latest Michael Buble CD. It hasn't even been a week and this kid is belting out Cry Me a River (Track 1) now. Any guesses on what he was for Halloween? That will come in the next post! (Love the red cheeks. The kids were having a major Halloween music dance at his birthday party.)

We brought Bennett home from the hospital on Halloween day, so we decided to have a Halloween Party in conjuction with his birthday. Really only the older cousins appreciated my food naming, but it was fun for me as well...even if Bennett didn't really get it!


Strong Family said...

How talented you are! What a fun birthday with scary food and an amazing cake!
They grow up so fast, I look at Trey and I can't believe he is 3 1/2. Trey also got Buzz for his birthday and said the same thing about the name on the foot. I too had to write it on.
I love Bennett's pictures, he looks so handsome.

Melissa said...

Bennet is so Handsome! I can't believe how big he is. I love that he had to have his name on their feet! Thats so cute. I don't think Cambrie has seen that movie! I love all your pictures. You have a great talent. Any tips? I would love to have my every day pictures look better. Do I need a better camera? Or maybe some one on one classes with the talented Emily? Better yet, BOTH! seriously, do share.

p.s. Love all the halloween stuff. I may have to copy you next year!

Tara said...

I can't believe how much hair he had as a baby. What a handsome little boy!

Sean and Hollee said...

Happy Birthday Bennett! Emily I can't believe he is 4! I love that your kids are so cute! Awesome job on the cake. Better than I could have done.

Breanne said...

SO CUTE Emily!! What a fun day!

Ashlyn ♥ Kyle said...

He is so cute Emily, Happy Birthday Bennett! Your kids are so cute and very photogenic :)

richfam said...

Way cute blog posting! Sounds like Bennett had a fun b-day.

Heather K said...

Happy Birthday (late) to Bennett! He's such a stud!! :) Darling pics.
I love peanut posh! I grew up with Haley - she lived right down the street from me. She's the nicest girl ever. :)

Heidi said...

Happy birthday to Bennett! I love the pictures. You have the cutest kids! I've been thinking of getting my boys Woody and Buzz for Christmas as well. I love that he had to write his name on the foot. It sounds like a fun party!