Sunday, November 14, 2010

A "Wizard-a-Boz" Halloween

I knew I'd get around to "blogging" Halloween eventually... Months and months ago, Bennett came up with the idea of us all being Wizard of Oz (or as my kids say it "Wizard-a-Boz") characters for Halloween. He even wrote it down. It was before Coy was even here. He wanted to be the Tin Man, Mylie be Dorothy (of course!), and Coy Toto. When I came across the cute Lion Hat and realized it was one less costume to make, with major convincing (begging) I eventually got my stubborn Bennett to comply, and Toto would be a little dog in Mylie's basket. I was to be the wicked witch (he didn't want me to be the good witch...imagine that!) and Daddy was to be the scarecrow...If you want to see it, you have to scroll to the bottom! This is another huge post!
My three little darlings!


Mylie's costume was relatively easy to make. The french braids were new for me, and the lipstick and mascara were a must! A little red spray paint and some glitter spray for the shoes and she made a perfect little Dorothy! (She wore here costume almost every day for a week prior to Halloween!)

{the Tin Man}

Couldn't have done this without the silver spray paint! In fact I even spray painted a turtleneck and pants, but realized they were way too stinky to wear! Why didn't I just think of the gray shirt and the $3 pair of pants from Walmart in the first place! Russ made the axe, and did a great job of picking out bottle caps candy for me to use as the buttons.
Cutest little Tin Man ever!

and my cute and cuddly little

I wish I could say I made the hat, but it was way too cute to pass up..and made my life a lot easier! Coy was the most darling little lion (although we also thought the hat looked a little napolean bonaparte...well at least Russ thought that.)

Okay, it is easy to get pictures of just two kids, but I couldn't figure out the three kid thing...and Coy wasn't liking things much. Gotta love the outtakes (2nd pic below)!
Once we took it inside, and Coy fell asleep, I got some cute litte pics. (The first two at the very top.)

Oh, and another cute little one of the three of them...

And introducing...
{the whole gang}

Just follow the yellow brick road!

Making Russell's costume was a blast. We stayed up until 2 AM one night to get it done in time for our Ward party. We had some great laughs, and of course a last minute trip to Walmart in the middle of the night because of mess-ups (I guess I thought my hubby was smaller than he is!) Needless to say, Bennett was very happy with the scarecrow costume (which was a relief, because he is tough to costume was something to be desired...I just plain ran out of time.)
{the scarecrow}

The wicked witch likes this scarecrow!

Heading out to trick-or-treat in the rain!

Coy and I hung out at home to pass out the candy! He was such a happy little lion.

And a little self-timer picture of the two of us.



Gary, Aubrey, and Jacob Monson said...

So cute! Your costumes are so creative; love it!

Erika said...

Wow, your costumes are amazing! I love the theme.

richfam said...

Way stinking cute! I love how you had to be the wicked witch. Where did you get the lion hat?

Breanne said...

So cute Emily, I love it!

Heidi said...

I love your costumes, they are so cute! I'm so impressed with your tin man and scarecrow.

Van and Lori said...

what a cute family!

stewart.shana.ella said...

So, so cute. Love the theme and that you guys all dressed up. And Coy makes one adorable Lion.

Critt & Britt said...

I love it!!! So cute Em. Mylie is going to be in heaven with those eyelashes when she is to the make up age. I also love your family pic at the top of your blog.

The Walkers said...

Emily I love your outfits! What a cute idea, they all turned out stinking cute!