Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mylie's Baptism Photo Shoot

These photos were taken in February of 2016 for Mylie's baptism. We took them at the Ogden Temple grounds. It was a little chilly and windy!

 photo IMG_8943 edit_zpsolgduna4.jpg  photo IMG_8952 edit_zpseqxjtb9m.jpg  photo IMG_8923 edit crop_zpszfcwwcoz.jpg  photo 8x10 MylieBaptism3_zpspkhew9wy.jpg  photo 8x10 MylieBaptism_zpslcitt2av.jpg  photo IMG_8932 edit_zpsywv1v0yn.jpg  photo IMG_8909 edit_zpsnztvxlfn.jpg  photo IMG_8915 edit_zps2kdnqyef.jpg  photo IMG_8913 edit_zpspqxpejq2.jpg  photo IMG_8939 edit_zpsrfwogf0v.jpg  photo 8x10 MylieBaptism4_zps9tv2yi50.jpg  photo IMG_8941 edit_zpssb5pniy6.jpg  photo IMG_8956 edit_zpsp8r2b4od.jpg  photo IMG_8963 edit_zpshyuzol9t.jpg  photo IMG_8964 edit_zpspk5gzrwk.jpg  photo IMG_8965 edit_zpsm0hsuhem.jpg  photo IMG_8966 edit_zpsuyc9hjwf.jpg  photo IMG_8969 edit crop_zpsn731bpk3.jpg  photo IMG_8904 edit_zpsfgvxjd7z.jpg  photo IMG_8971 edit_zpseg0dgdks.jpg  photo IMG_8980_zpslco4i3al.jpg  photo IMG_8979 edit_zpsuobbfm1x.jpg  photo IMG_8972 edit_zpsqpd0vaou.jpg  photo IMG_8968 edit_zpsubz6cc9c.jpg  photo Mylie Baptism Card Front FINAL_zpsfvx3dryb.jpg
 photo Mylie Baptism Card Back FINAL_zpsw1vo8tin.jpg

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