Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mylie's 8th Birthday {Valentine's Day} 2016

Mylie turned eight years old on a beautiful Sunday last year in 2016. She wanted to have a cute Paris-themed party. We had family and a few friends over. We had "cafe" food--sandwiches, cheese, fruits and veggies--and even had French Cafe music playing in the background.

She is sure a sweet and darling girl!

 photo IMG_8858_zpsbjzjbnd1.jpg  photo IMG_8814_zpsztpvd9fe.jpg  photo IMG_8812_zpseeknuec5.jpg  photo IMG_8830_zpsi6etwvza.jpg

She was super excited for some high-heeled shoes!

 photo IMG_8810_zpsnyroue1t.jpg  photo IMG_8806_zpsdpso4hpb.jpg  photo IMG_8836_zpstd9xol9d.jpg  photo IMG_8867_zps2n5vvyyw.jpg  photo IMG_8865_zpsdul4bcec.jpg  photo IMG_8801_zpsl2eidk5b.jpg  photo IMG_8794_zpseomb9gm7.jpg  photo IMG_8875_zpslovaiwhu.jpg

Good friends!

 photo IMG_8872_zpslgrud1un.jpg  photo IMG_8890_zpsc4enl4nm.jpg

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