Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nora's 2nd Birthday!

Back in December of 2015, my baby girl turned two years old. She has been such a fun addition to our family. We sure love our little, spunky Nora. The other kids dote on her and love to take care her and play with her. She is a funny girl that know just how to push your buttons. At two, she was quite the little talker. She loved babies and princess shoes. She cannot leave a scab alone, and had this nasty owie on her nose for over a month because she couldn't stop scratching the scab off! Her favorite color is purple, and she wanted a purple cake. She was a pretty picky eater at the time, but loves all things in the dairy group: milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt. She usually loves macaroni and cheese, so for her birthday we took her to Noodles & Company thinking she would love the mac & cheese. Since it was different than your regular old Kraft, she wouldn't touch it and didn't eat a thing there. Kind of a let down birthday dinner!

Here are the photos from the day!

 photo IMG_8476_zpshmsakjvf.jpg  photo IMG_8465_zpspf3nfjv4.jpg  photo IMG_8468_zpsjqedii3g.jpg  photo IMG_8473_zpsl4opyqfu.jpg  photo IMG_8474_zpsdtnsxzvj.jpg 

I was very pleased with how her cake turned out. It was a cute one!
 photo IMG_8477_zpsd0wpbojx.jpg  photo IMG_8480_zpssjn0s3k0.jpg  photo IMG_8482_zps6fa5eob9.jpg  photo IMG_8485_zps9luwc8pl.jpg  photo IMG_8487_zpsuxzjpikn.jpg  photo IMG_8493_zpsffg0klck.jpg  photo IMG_8498_zpstfob580r.jpg  photo IMG_8506_zpskd2wi2ul.jpg 

Sweet Mylie helped me make all the pompoms for the water bottles. It was fun :)
 photo IMG_8510_zpsahvlgctj.jpg  photo IMG_8515_zpseib7ieeq.jpg  photo IMG_3436_zpsfymewehi.jpg  photo IMG_3439_zpsw2bbu3mj.jpg  photo IMG_3445_zps8ldd5chg.jpg  photo IMG_3423_zpsiqctbwoq.jpg  photo IMG_3429_zpshmysrf3q.jpg

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