Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lights at Temple Square 2015

I love traditions! Nearly every year we go with my family to Salt Lake to get pizza at Litza's and then to see the beautiful Christmas lights at Temple Square. We had a wonderful time as always!

 photo IMG_3380_zpsi7uc9fkl.jpg  photo IMG_3381_zps4fmwazqu.jpg  photo IMG_3383_zpsynvrtiff.jpg  photo IMG_3384_zpsgb5dl6jf.jpg  photo IMG_3385_zpsfe3gcicq.jpg  photo IMG_3387_zpsnsrchq6n.jpg  photo IMG_3391_zpsxfsh5abf.jpg  photo IMG_3393_zps76adbeoz.jpg  photo IMG_3396_zpsthibof1g.jpg  photo IMG_3399_zps5cglw2ix.jpg  photo IMG_3402_zps3i1izh1k.jpg  photo IMG_3405_zpsxwu5azhf.jpg  photo IMG_3408_zpsxbuydxaw.jpg  photo IMG_3412_zpsfwmipxxi.jpg  photo IMG_3416_zpso8acu3in.jpg  photo IMG_3417_zpsilcrcchh.jpg

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