Sunday, November 8, 2015

May 2015

Here are some highlights from May of 2015. Mylie had her piano recital. She got all dressed up in a new dress and had to pose for some pictures.
 photo IMG_7379 crop_zpsebfvrlxv.jpg  photo IMG_7383_zpsrv0b3wkr.jpg  photo IMG_7386_zpsqq3jcmva.jpg  photo IMG_7387_zpsfyue3wla.jpg  photo IMG_7388_zpsyty8ecx7.jpg  photo IMG_7391_zpscnodmeca.jpg  photo IMG_7393_zpsbczebwdh.jpg  photo IMG_7405_zpsizfkbjgb.jpg
More of Nora and Coy, and even more of Nora and her cute little pigtails on top.
 photo IMG_7417_zpsae8y4eey.jpg  photo IMG_7418_zpses1rdp9s.jpg  photo IMG_7426_zpsop1skhz0.jpg  photo IMG_7427_zpsski5lhnc.jpg  photo IMG_7431_zpssjcydard.jpg  photo IMG_7441 crop_zpsbx0rxhhy.jpg  photo IMG_7441_zpss5d5zpxx.jpg  photo IMG_7445_zpsyzk0xhis.jpg
And a few pictures from Mylie's dance recital:
 photo IMG_7454_zpswyplumt3.jpg  photo IMG_7456_zpszdcpuq2r.jpg  photo IMG_7460_zpswjqmdtga.jpg  photo IMG_7468_zps8iwddtc1.jpg  photo IMG_7470_zpsklslprcy.jpg  photo IMG_7471_zpscjfu9azd.jpg

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