Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mylie My Dancer

Mylie did a lot of dancing last Spring! Here are some pictures of her all ready to go one night. Mylie truly loves dancing and performing. She dances with her whole heart!

 photo IMG_7344 crop_zpsrzsfhte2.jpg  photo IMG_7353_zpsl5nxown7.jpg  photo IMG_7352_zpsc7ozweku.jpg  photo IMG_7356_zpsgqeafa5p.jpg  photo IMG_7355_zps6okhtzgk.jpg  photo IMG_7338_zpssjeqyqdx.jpg
Someone took this of Mylie's team at a dance competition. I got it from the dance facebook page. Mylie's is the one at the top :)
 photo Facebook Pic_zps1wpsbg56.jpg

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