Sunday, August 16, 2015

Coy and Nora~Photos from April

Just got all ready for the day. Love hanging out with these two. Can't believe school will be starting soon and it will just be me home with these two again...except for when Coy goes to Preschool; then it will just be me and Nora. Crazy how fast these kids grow up and how fast time goes!
 photo IMG_7359 crop_zpsw96wzxb6.jpg  photo IMG_7373_zpsxotjsrfb.jpg  photo IMG_7362 crop_zpsu6bti6cw.jpg  photo IMG_7365_zpsdy28dwpi.jpg  photo IMG_7367_zpssh1njh4o.jpg  photo IMG_7371_zpsgjpnewff.jpg

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