Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mylie's Dance Recital

Mylie had her dance recital at the end of May. She had some super cute costumes. And of course she is super cute, too. She sure shines on stage! She is a natural performer and still is yet to be shy to perform in front of anyone or any group. I hope it lasts!
 photo IMG_5323_zps439027cc.jpg  photo IMG_5325crop_zps1bbaf52d.jpg  photo IMG_5330_zps669bb90d.jpg  photo IMG_5332_zps4d7120cb.jpg  photo IMG_5333_zpsa2e47ab9.jpg  photo IMG_5337_zps7ce7cf21.jpg  photo IMG_5339_zpsa2980cc8.jpg  photo IMG_5340_zps9c9c3449.jpg  photo IMG_5342_zps54c82e57.jpg  photo IMG_5344crop_zpsf30251d6.jpg  photo IMG_5346_zps7d4fe5c3.jpg  photo IMG_5348_zps7bc047f3.jpg  photo IMG_5350_zpsfb4f9e6a.jpg  photo IMG_5354crop_zps1f844ebb.jpg  photo IMG_5358crop_zps1b7485a9.jpg

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