Thursday, December 11, 2014

My niece's first dance :)

Since I am drastically behind on here, I never did share these photos of my cute niece's first dance. My mom and I were able to be there to take some pictures and see her off. Oh, and how may people (not to mention pliers) does it take to put on a boutonniere?

Isn't she pretty? Her mama is probably so proud :)
 photo IMG_5294editcrop_zpsc04022c8.jpg  photo IMG_5296edit_zps0668cfd6.jpg  photo IMG_5283_zpse49def81.jpg  photo IMG_5289_zps7ab105fe.jpg  photo IMG_5291_zps19d9f5c5.jpg  photo IMG_5293edit_zps2e892f85.jpg  photo IMG_5295edit_zpsee517583.jpg  photo IMG_5299_zpsda461aba.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zpsc055b1c3.jpg  photo IMG_5304_zpsd1a9609b.jpg  photo IMG_5305_zps02791bdf.jpg  photo IMG_5306_zpscbf58b70.jpg 

Some trampoline fun. This is Lillie.
 photo IMG_5307_zps31d73776.jpg  photo IMG_5308_zps14c8eda7.jpg  photo IMG_5309_zps6bfdcb78.jpg 
And this spunky girl is Linda.
 photo IMG_5310_zps9d86581f.jpg
And this chunky baby is Hinckley (he also has a twin that I didn't get a picture of.)
 photo IMG_5313_zps94b26057.jpg

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