Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pictures from March

Wow, I am so behind on here. Will I ever catch up or do I just need to give up? Life has been a crazy whirlwind lately, and my picture-taking, organizing, editing, etc. hobby has really taken a back burner. Who knew 4 kids could be so much work? Oh, and throw into the mix selling our house, moving into a small apartment, and just the everyday craziness of summer life! So here are some pictures from way back in March when little Nora was just 3 to 3.5 months old. (As of today while I am typing this she is 8 months old...Crazy!!!) She is such a little joy in our family. She is surely loved :)
 photo IMG_4480crop_zpsb0eec53d.jpg  photo IMG_4482_zps86532bea.jpg  photo IMG_4486crop_zpsec0725f4.jpg  photo IMG_4489_zps9b3e7e4f.jpg  photo IMG_4501crop_zps0696b47d.jpg  photo IMG_4507_zps6429c300.jpg  photo IMG_4514crop_zpsa86b67d9.jpg  photo IMG_4517_zpsc008323c.jpg  photo IMG_4518_zps8936e1a9.jpg  photo IMG_4518crop_zpsebc1d903.jpg

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