Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nora & Daddy & A Fox

Yea! My last post to finish up 2013. Here are just some sweet pictures of Nora with her daddy. I love looking back at these but they make my heart ache! Why do babies have to grow so fast? These were taken when she was 3 weeks old.

 photo IMG_4153crop_zpsdb701199.jpg  photo IMG_4152_zpse88d7610.jpg  photo IMG_4149crop_zps45d9a9b9.jpg  photo IMG_4142_zps24a0d612.jpg  photo IMG_4139_zpse7481007.jpg
Oh, and What Does a Fox Say? Coy was just a little bit in love with that song. So my brother knew that when he helped his son pick out the PERFECT cousin gift for Coy. A FOX TOWEL! He loves it and will, to this day, not dry off with anything else after his bath.
 photo IMG_4154_zps4aca136e.jpg

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