Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mid December 2013

Here's back when little Nora was just a couple weeks old.
 photo IMG_3962x_zps48d85432.jpg  photo IMG_3940x_zpsd859a34f.jpg  photo IMG_3963x_zpsb8b2aead.jpg  photo foot_zps2275275d.jpg  photo IMG_3997_zps22c8014b.jpg  photo IMG_4009_zpsb5a7b0f8.jpg  photo IMG_3987_zpsabbc62a1.jpg
I had to take pictures of Bennett and Mylie's letters to Santa before they were sent off to the North Pole. I love that the main thing Bennett wanted was a book. And Mylie's list is just so classic and girly :)
 photo IMG_3994_zps61e0e6c1.jpg  photo IMG_3996_zpsa0cb8b6a.jpg
And this is Mylie's interpretation of an "angel". She was supposed to be one for a nativity for the Saunders family Christmas party. This is how she chose to dress, crown and all!
 photo IMG_4015_zps476d0e56.jpg

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