Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some October Happenings

We always love visiting a little produce shop near our home every October. The kids get so excited! So excited that even though the wind almost blew us over when we got there, they cried when I said maybe we should just go another day! So we braved the weather and dirt blowing in our faces.

Bennett of course likes the big pumpkins. Mylie always picks a little one, and Coy wanted to pick a little one that had green on it...since green is his favorite color.

After we left the pumpkins, we went to Kobe for dinner. It is a Tepanyaki restaurant, and the kids absolutely LOVED watching the man cook our food and do his tricks. They said it is the best restaurant ever! They devoured every last bite of their steak.

Later that same week, we enjoyed General Conference. Bennett and Mylie always get so excited for conference. I hope that excitement lasts :) They did some activity sheets, played a little conference bingo, and Mormon Tabernacle choir time was apparently dance time.

Here's Mylie dancing when the choir sang.

This is Mylie's worksheet.

Mylie also worked on a chain for Halloween. I didn't have any colored construction paper left, so I cut her strips of some blue cardstock that I had. She decorated every single strip herself, then put it all together by herself using lots of tape. I can't believe she has already ripped off every single piece and that Halloween has already come and gone! I was flipping through the radio stations last night and heard Christmas music! Really? I couldn't decide if I was ready to listen to it yet or not. I ended up listening...Don't know if I'll pull out the ol' Christmas CDs just yet, though. I can't believe the holidays are already upon us. I really love this time of year!

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richfam said...

Cute pictures. I don't know if you save your kids' clothes, but if you don't, send them my way! Your kids are always dressed so dang cute. My boys would love them.

I listened to Christmas music two days after Halloween. I love it! Christmas music is so happy and gets me in the holiday mood.