Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Spooktacular Halloween!

Is it really Christmastime? I'm just finally getting around to blogging Halloween! Well, technically now I am all caught up with this blog because believe it or not, I haven't really taken any pictures (of my own family) since then! I took my camera to our Thanksgiving festivities, but it never found its way out of the bag.

Halloween was so fun this year! I just love getting the kids all dressed up. The weather was beautiful and we got a lot of trick or treating done this year!

This is the first year I've had a child be something "scary." Bennett chose to be Frankenstein quite a while ago. I was a little stressed about how I would come up with that costume, but with a little creativity (i.e. posterboard, paint, crayons, hot glue, and black felt), I was very pleased with the results! And Bennett was pleased, so that was the greatest part. He made a very cute Frankenstein and had some fun acting the part. We were able to use the same blazer he wore when he was Michael Buble 2 years ago; we just stuffed his shoulders (with soccer socks). Cheap and easy costume!

Mylie stuck with her decision from a year ago to be Snow White. That was an easy one for me since she already had a Snow White dress up. I just stiched up the rips and holes, took a tuck in it and added some velcro to the back since we usually have cinched up the dress with a silly band or hair band. I also made her a Snow White headband. One of the funnest parts is getting to wear makeup. I always love getting to add a little mascara to her long lashes...and of course red lips for the final touch.

All in keeping it cheap and easy this year, we recycled Bennett's Scarecrow costume from 5 years ago. It was fun to have an excuse to see that little costume again. Coy made a darling little scarecrow, just like Bennett did when he was two.

The next picture is when Bennett was the scarecrow. Do you see a little family resemblance?

The kids always insist I dress up. When I saw this sweater, I thought: add ears and tail, and I can be a cat. Win-win situation--I have an excuse to get a new sweater, and the kiddos are happy because I dressed up.

Russell didn't dress up this year. I think the kids eventually forgave him :)

The kids learned the art of running from house to house this year. And once Coy finally decided to let us hold him to run in between houses, we covered a lot of ground. Trick or treating is always so much fun in our neighborhood. Once the buckets were full, we headed to grandparents'  houses to eat and visit, and do a little more trick or treating. And as of today, the kids still have candy in their buckets! Coy's is almost gone though, since he got the least and asks for treats the most.


Kyle ♥ Ashlyn said...

Seriously your kids are too dang cute! Love all of the costumes! Miley is such a gorgeous little girl! And of course the boys are so handsome! Your so creative with the costumes :)

The Monson Family said...

You do the most fun costumes EVERY year! Those kids look so good (and you too) in their costumes!