Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wrapping Up September~

September was a fun-filled, busy month! Our days have been full with school and preschool, homework, soccer, basketball, dance, piano lessons, library days, appointments, photo shoots, potty training, gardening, reading... and the list goes on! It gets tiring but I don't think I would have it any other way! I feel so blessed to be able to have the wonderful life I've been given. It is so fun to watch each person in our family grow, learn, and accomplish goals. I'm so excited for the arrival of October. It may be my favorite month of the year! Here are just a few pictures from the past few weeks.

Our kids all love books and reading. I found the kids like this one Sunday morning when we didn't have to rush off to church since we had the Brigham City Temple Dedication Broadcast that day. All of the little stuffed animals were given to them by the cute babysitter we had the previous night. She played a game with them and gave them the animals for prizes. My kids thought it was the greatest thing ever.
Coy and Mylie being cute at lunch one day. They have to stick together and are becoming great friends now. We sure miss Bennett during the day, but I'm glad these two get along pretty well and love each other so much.

Coy is such a fun kid. He reminds me a lot of Bennett in many ways, but he definitely has a little personality all his own. He has learned his colors very well now. Before he could say all of them, he would point at things that were pink and call them "Mylie." He would also point at things that were blue and call them "Bennett." And anything that was green he would call "Baby." He now calls every color by their correct name...except for green, he still calls it "Baby." Coy's favorite color is with no doubt, green. But he WILL NOT say the word "green." Furthermore, to this day he WILL NOT say the word "Coy." We will tell him: say "Mommy" and  he will repeat "Mommy." Say "Mylie" and he will echo, "Mylie." And so on with everyone's name in our family. But if we ever say: Say "Coy", he will say "Baby." He calls himself "Baby." No matter how hard I try, I cannot get him to say his name. We'll say to him C-C-C Coy, with much emphasis and exaggeration of the sounds. He will say, "C-C-C Baby." It will be a big deal when one day, he will say the color Green and say his own name. But until then, I just didn't want to forget that silly little thing about him.
*Update: Right after I wrote this entry, my mom got Coy to say "green." So he has been saying it like crazy today, pointing out everything green. Funny thing is, now when I ask him to say "Coy" he pauses for a second and then says "Green." So now his name is "Green."
On another note, I decided to bring some of my hydrangeas in one last time. Lately, each time one starts blooming, the flowers turn whitish-brown rather than turning pink. I thought maybe I'd try to save a couple by bringing them inside. I was thrilled that they did turn pink, and in fact are even bigger and pinker now than they are in these pictures. I love my hydrangea bush!

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