Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Colors~

Two weeks ago, we headed into the mountains for our annual drive with Russ's family to see the changing leaves. The colors were truly breathtaking this year! I absolutely love where we love and being so close to the mountains. I love getting to experience all four seasons, and Fall is definitely my favorite. We kind of did some impromptu family pics...nothing that will make it on to the wall...but at least something capture our family this year. I also tried to get a few of Bennett since his birthday is soon approaching, but I will post those later with the others that I will hopefully be taking of him in the near future. It seems I never get in a full session in with him, since his birthday is at the time of year when I am the busiest with other peoples photos!

It is nearly impossible to get a picture with my three kids together. Don't be fooled by the couple I got that look half way decent. Really, how hard could it be, right? It is ridiculous, really. I feel bad for Russ any time I tell him I want to try to take a picture of the three of them together, since he is always the one that tries to get them to be good, and puts Coy back in his place a million times. I'm grateful for my great husband and that he always puts up with all of my ideas, hobbies, plans, etc. etc.

On another note, I can't believe that it was three years ago today that my dear sister, Amber passed away. I have spent the day reflecting on her and the life that she lived. I'm so grateful for the journal she left on her blog that strengthens me and helps me remember her and feel of her spirit.
Last night I pulled out the book my dad compiled of all her entries and have been inspired once again by her testimony. Most of the time, I don't like reading it, because I know it will make many emotions, old and new, come to the surface. It's hard to relive what she went through. It's hard to think of how much time has already passed since she has gone, and how much has changed! It's hard to miss her all over again...It's hard to compare her life to mine, and to think about how if I were her, I would only have a few short months left! I am the exact same age right now that she was when she went on hospice!
But all in all, I am SO THANKFUL for my sister, for the time we did have together on earth, and for the legacy she left behind. Today I read words she wrote saying she knew that even though she was going to die and leave this earth physically, she knew she would still be there for all of the events (baptisms, graduations, weddings, etc.) in her family's lives. It was such a great reminder to me to know that she is still here blessing our lives in a way that we may not always be able to see.
I love Fall because it reminds me of Amber. She loved the Fall and all that went with it. I can never celebrate Halloween without remembering her and how much she loved that holiday. I think it is fitting that she left us in the Fall because it will always help us remember her at that time and help us feel of her spirit.

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Adam and Ashley said...

I just wanted to say that I wasn't sure of her exact day of passing, but I was thinking of her today. Maybe it was the fact that she was with us all today. She was an inspiration to many and touched a lot of lives.