Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{first day}

It's official. I have now begun the life of a mom with a child in school! I'm glad it is just kindergarten though, and that he isn't gone all day! Bennett loved the first day of school, and has loved going every day since. His favorite part? The bus ride, of course! As usual, I will tell the story in pictures:

He got up and got ready so fast! (Which I have actually been enjoying!) I didn't want morning kindergarten, but now I wouldn't trade it! We get our day going so fast, rather than him dragging out doing all of his "jobs" until lunchtime.

He insisted on signing up to be the "Star Student" the first day of school. He didn't want to have to wait like he did in preschool.

This kid was so excited to go. Can you tell?

Hardest part? (Well one of them, at least for me.) Watching him say goodbye to sis. These two are the best buddies. Mylie will say "I miss Bennett" here and there. Once again, I'm glad it's only half a day!

Excited for the bus! This is the first time the kid has ever set foot on a bus. No carseats? No boosters? No seatbelts? What? No wonder it is so fun! He did ask me why the bus driver has a seatbelt and the kids don't. Good question!

Arriving at the school. (Of course I followed him there!)

He gets to sit by his cousin Franklin on the bus! And he's super excited to have one of his buddies, Cade, in his class.

Finding his desk.

I thought it was great that they let the parents come in and help them get situated.

Overall, a very exciting day! It was so fun to wait for him after school to get off the bus. His huge smiles were priceless. Mylie and I had some freshly baked cookies waiting for him. He thought it was great that I let him eat one before his lunch. It was his special day, after all!


richfam said...

I'm glad he likes school. Riding the bus would be hard for me, but easier. I have to take Sage inside the school and drag the kids to pick her up in the front of the school. Going to be a pain in the winter!

I love his first day of school outfit!

Adam and Ashley said...

I can't believe he is old enough to go to school. I think I am going to be scared to death when Hesston goes to his first day of school. Cute pictures as always.

Critt & Britt said...

Man our kids are getting way to big. I agree with the half day thing. It is rough having brigs gone all day. I miss him.