Friday, April 22, 2011

~little monkeys~

Remember that ONE nice day we had for spring break? It was the perfect day for my monkeys to visit their friends at the zoo! We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. We were able to have a great time there and meet up with some cousins and grandparents.

Here are our ~lil' monkeys~

Mylie loves her daddy!

I remember lovin' these lion drinking fountains when I was a kid. But are they ever even on anymore?

Cute little buddies!

Kinda interesting trying to get a picture of all three of them.

Me and my babe. Growing too fast is what I think!

He mostly just hung out in the stroller.

Mylie wasn't scared of this elephant this time since it wasn't on and shooting water. Usually she cries and runs away from it. Making progress!

Making progress once again. She didn't cry about getting on the carousel or train! She was very brave, even though I could tell she was a little nervous. She chose to ride one of the animals that didn't go up and down. Playing it safe.

No fear, of course, from Bennett, choosing the fiercest animal. (By the way, we saw Disney Nature's African Cats today. It was really good! Crazy to think about what goes on out there in the jungle.)

Russ's parents met up with us for the visit. I know his mom is just going to love this picture of her and thank me for putting it on my blog :) The kids love riding on her wheelchair.

Here's Coy's first train ride!

Even the animals posed for me.

Have a great Easter Weekend!


Gary, Aubrey, and Jacob Monson said...

It looks like a fun day! I love going to the zoo, and I'm sure your kids had a blast.

richfam said...

Looks way fun! I love taking my kids to the zoo. Hopefully it will start warming up and we can FINALLY have a SPRING!

Anonymous said...

You're right. I love the pictures! We really enjoyed the day. Thanks for inviting us. Love you little (and big) monkeys! Grandma Harkness