Monday, April 25, 2011

{i hope}

I hope your Easter was fabulous.
I hope I can get through the 200+ pics I took among coloring eggs, hunting eggs, and of course the kiddos modeling their Easter clothing for me.
I hope I eventually get some more of them on this blog.
I hope spring weather will eventually come and stay.
And I hope this little girl stays this sweet forever...


Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy said...

i hope so too! I'm not too worried about Mylie. But I'm really hopeing for the weather!
Mylie is so cute! Love her dress and bow. I'm guessing you made them. :)

kristina said...

you have the cutest kids. I saw your oldest son at the gym yesterday in the daycare,I have to tell you great job mom because he was so well behaved.
My little Austin is the same way about elephants, oh dear he runs, screaming and trys his best to get out of there, and if they hold real still he may throw a glance their way, but if they move he is out of there.