Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michael Bublé & The Flapper

I am being completely honest when I say Bennett 100% chose his own Halloween costume this year. There was absolutely no swaying from the parents. He loves Michael Bublé and has said that he was going to be him for Halloween probably since August. In fact there are many days when he says he isn't Bennett; he is Micheal Bublé and will only answer to that name.
Mylie was the most adorable flapper. My choice 100%. Every parent has to savor the few short years in which they get to choose the costume. When I saw eggplant fringe on clearance at JoAnn, I suddenly had a vision. I made her costume just from my imagination, and I think it turned out pretty darn cute. It just fit her and her personality so well.

I love the picture on the right (below) because Bennett is totally getting into character and Mylie is not digging it.

My handsome little MB.

Just some fun edits of Mylie in her Flapper attire.


This Halloween, Grandma H. was in the hospital so she got permission to come down to the lobby to see the grandkids in costume (since kids aren't allowed in the hospital because of flu season). Well, this is my Bennett... I mean Michael Bublé...putting on a concert in the hospital lobby. Yes, that is a half-eaten string cheese microphone. He was singing "Fever" at the top of his lungs for all those passing by.

Love my kids...Love being a mom. Definitely the best job EVER!


Strong Family said...

They are so stinkin cute! Absolutly adorable. I'm impressed with your costume making skills. I was going to tell you that at the Layton Mall they now have a Peanut Posh stand with ties and bows so you don't have to order online. Maybe Newgate does now too. Haven't been up there to see.

Tara said...

They are so adorable! I'm impressed with your costume skills.

Critt & Britt said...

Em, those costumes are the cutest!!! I cannot believe Bennet chose Micheal Buble, let alone knows who he is. I love it!!! I miss you, we need to get together soon.

BKC said...

I have not looked at your blog for awhile, I'm so sorry about your sorry and the grief you are experiencing now. I have to suggest something called The Mourners Bill of Rights. Google it. I know someone who lost her husband recently and said these have been very helpful. Your kids are beautiful!

BKC said...

Apparently I typed too fast for my brain to connect. I am sorry about your sister, not sorry about your sorry (how embarrassing)