Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Christmas Day 2015!

Wow, I am finally getting to getting Christmas on here! It was a pretty fun day! It was fun having our first Christmas in our new house. Here is the day in pictures:

Coming down the stairs, full of excitement, to see what Santa brought!
 photo IMG_8572_zpseddlvslh.jpg  photo IMG_8575_zpsedkximcb.jpg  photo IMG_8578_zps3xigei5w.jpg  photo IMG_8579_zpsqrbntetp.jpg 

Playing with our new fun things!

 photo IMG_8582_zpszdmsyjow.jpg  photo IMG_8588_zpsd9fp8y5r.jpg  photo IMG_8589_zpsmsxd2xry.jpg 

The post-Christmas morning mess:
 photo IMG_8590_zpszp1hgpp7.jpg

Mylie was so happy to get some cute Bitty Twins!
 photo IMG_8595_zps8rzbj20h.jpg 

The Little People Princess Castle was a winner...and still is to this day!
 photo IMG_8600_zpsjf8wbfoa.jpg 

And oh my, what a surprise! Bennett got a Double-Shot!! This gift is still going strong! Bennett's high score as of today is 175. Russ is still trying to beat it!
 photo IMG_8601_zps5m3jglyr.jpg  photo IMG_8603_zpsenz0wogr.jpg  photo IMG_8609_zpsbzkw74xl.jpg

Later on we had our gift exchange at my parents'.
 photo IMG_8617_zpsugqp82dg.jpg  photo IMG_8620_zps2mh2b2ii.jpg  photo IMG_8632_zpskbtddesk.jpg  photo IMG_8640_zpsrusbnu1d.jpg

The White Elephant Left Right game got us all laughing so hard we were crying. Looks like Patrick couldn't wait to try on his new gift!
 photo IMG_8644_zpsnl9zowrv.jpg 

We wrapped the night up back at home. We took some pictures, then watched a movie together...I fell asleep though.
 photo IMG_8648_zpsazovymwt.jpg  photo IMG_8650_zpsddpryusi.jpg  photo IMG_8651_zpsjvzqmo5w.jpg  photo IMG_8658_zpsfgrixd5t.jpg  photo IMG_8660_zpsbsfa0mru.jpg

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