Sunday, February 21, 2016

Planting Fruit Trees

At the end of September, we got three fruit trees to plant out in our yard. (We are planning on getting three more this spring.) Coy is such a helper! He is always the first to volunteer or offer to help do anything in the yard or the kitchen. He loves to dig in, learn, and get his hands dirty.  He is our future chef and gardener!

It will be fun to see how these trees grow through the years. I'm hoping some day we will look back at these pictures and say "Wow! Look how tiny our trees were. They are so big now!"
 photo IMG_7995_zps5nxo6phn.jpg  photo IMG_7989_zpssvl9xfww.jpg  photo IMG_8006_zps4gvmdxep.jpg  photo IMG_7991_zpsccxgjpuv.jpg  photo IMG_7994_zpsikmhjwkd.jpg  photo IMG_7996_zpsvapz82la.jpg  photo IMG_7999_zpsq6xisd6t.jpg  photo IMG_8003_zps0idhzqei.jpg  photo IMG_8004_zpswyfijha2.jpg  photo IMG_8005_zpsueydlpx6.jpg  photo IMG_8007_zpss5cbcrim.jpg
I'm excited to see how the trees grow, and how our children grow as well!
 photo IMG_8009_zpsjlc7hsz2.jpg  photo IMG_8011_zpsp9mbupva.jpg 
This was the icing on the cake that day. Our darling little Coy was so exhausted after all his hard work that he fell asleep before he could even finish crawling into his bed that night.
 photo IMG_8015_zpsdd5nt1ce.jpg  photo IMG_8016_zpsgdjyj6ms.jpg

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