Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bennett's Birthday Party with his Friends

Bennett was able to have a friend party for his ninth birthday this year. Since we were living in an apartment, we knew we needed to go somewhere else for the party! Bennett had the great idea to make tie-dye shirts for his party. We lucked out in that there was a Friday right before his birthday that was a day off from school, AND it was beautiful weather that day! We just had everyone come to a park nearby that has a nice covered bowery and a lot of playing space as well. Bennett also chose to have one of his favorite foods--tortellini with red sauce--rather than your traditional pizza :) I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the lunch or the shirt-dying (saying I was busy would be an understatement.) But we did get some pictures of the presents and the fun games.

 photo IMG_6487_zpslgbraynl.jpg  photo IMG_6491_zpsv5o6mfxu.jpg
Since Halloween was nearby, we had a fun game of racing to wrap up your friend in toilet paper to look like a mummy.
 photo IMG_6498_zpsfbausuxg.jpg  photo IMG_6504_zpsmztkxydp.jpg
And the boys were very good sports when we played baby food hot potato. (Don't worry, they each got their own clean plastic spoon to dip and bite.)
 photo IMG_6508_zpsau3h7rlc.jpg

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