Friday, October 10, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

On Easter we had our little traditional hunt at our house in the morning before church, then the kids got dressed up in their Sunday best.

 photo IMG_4892_zps5ea76ebd.jpg  photo IMG_4901_zps5c8323bd.jpg
I always try to take the same shot every year so I can see how the kids grow through the years. So here it is, in front of the couch with Easter goodies and messy hair. So fun to add Nora to the group this year! Can't believe next Easter she'll be running around with the others :)
 photo IMG_4904_zps4f3b80d0.jpg  photo IMG_4906_zpsdbb78e3b.jpg
Cute sisters.
 photo IMG_4915_zps75cf83ca.jpg 
Nora's first Easter:
 photo IMG_4918_zps73970ca7.jpg  photo IMG_4918crop_zpsce591a62.jpg
This kiddo is a nut, I tell ya. He loved his bow-tie. I think his outfit was a little old man-ish.
 photo IMG_4921_zpscc25af67.jpg  photo IMG_4924_zps865a5512.jpg

She is such a tenderhearted, sweetie.
 photo IMG_4930crop_zps4f399340.jpg  photo IMG_4930_zps60edff34.jpg
Handsome Bennett; getting too old and grown up!
 photo IMG_4936crop_zpsc740d54f.jpg  photo IMG_4936_zps3ca67d3c.jpg  photo IMG_4937_zpsee8d3fc8.jpg
The gang; this is the best I could get...
 photo IMG_4942_zpsf7c63a6d.jpg
....and just keeping it real. This is really what I got :)
 photo IMG_4944_zps948409d7.jpg  photo IMG_4945_zps55e5b6b8.jpg

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