Thursday, June 19, 2014

Valentines & Mylie's Birthday

Wow, this was a while ago and so much has happened since! Mylie had a wonderful sixth birthday and I tried to make it special for her. For me though, it was a miserable day. I was so sick, which made it a bummer. Also, Nora was developing a huge lump in her girl parts that would be the start of a long journey for her. (Long story short she had an Anal Fistula (a leaking anus) that created a series of infected abscesses in her labia. Once diagnosed, she eventually had surgery and then a terrible road to recovery.)

But anyways! Back to Mylie! She is the sweetest little girl. She is so creative and imaginative. She is always making and creating things for others. She LOVES school, playing, dancing, singing, and all things girly! Before school, she got to open a gift. She had an excited audience:
 photo IMG_4340_zps51414c9c.jpg  photo IMG_4344_zpse1f0430d.jpg  photo IMG_4345_zpse2038d50.jpg
Nora was darling as usual sporting her heart sweater.
 photo IMG_4347_zps80ddea9e.jpg  photo IMG_4357_zps51a12a74.jpg
Chocolate and Strawberries! Mmmmm! Too bad I was too sick to enjoy any of it. I toughed it out to make all of it, but didn't eat even ONE chocolate covered strawberry. Can you believe that? I can't.
 photo IMG_4358_zpsbcfb6b66.jpg  photo IMG_4359_zps58d24ae8.jpg  photo IMG_4362_zpse2c957e7.jpg
And the birthday girl...Just growing up too fast!
 photo IMG_4364_zpsc58f8979.jpg  photo IMG_4369_zps5330488b.jpg  photo IMG_4381_zps675db61c.jpg  photo IMG_4385_zpsd9791295.jpg  photo IMG_4390_zpsffbc9479.jpg  photo IMG_4393_zpsf046e87d.jpg  photo IMG_4397_zps4005dd05.jpg

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