Friday, June 7, 2013

My Birthday

My birthday was close to three months ago. I had all these pictures ready to blog and then just never got around to it! Don't let these adorable kiddos fool you. They were especially naughty on my birthday. I guess it is payback time. Didn't your mom always say the only thing she wanted for her birthday (or mother's day, etc.) was for the kids to just be good and not fight? And did she ever get that? Probably not :)

We got all dressed up and ready to go out to eat as a family. Mylie insisted that I wear a dress because it was my birthday after all.

 photo IMG_0052crop_zpsb8b0764c.jpg  photo IMG_0012_zps92f6f272.jpg  photo IMG_0022_zps49f4b0d3.jpg  photo IMG_0057_zps0339fbf6.jpg  photo IMG_0050_zpsa97c8211.jpg  photo IMG_0021_zps0118d0df.jpg  photo IMG_0017_zpsd783638f.jpg  photo IMG_0007_zps06aefdfd.jpg

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Toots said...

What a beautiful woman you are, Emily! Your dress is so fun! I think you are always going to have the best dressed kids. :)