Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fun with a Laundry Basket

Coy always has a thing for the laundry basket, but this particular week it was his new best friend, his hangout, his play place, his snack place, etc. He also kept wanting rides in it. That was tiresome.
 photo blog1_zps8caecdd7.jpg  photo IMG_9908_zpsfb1a6132.jpg  photo IMG_9910_zps40e4be73.jpg  photo IMG_9920_zpsb988ff91.jpg  photo IMG_9923_zps230fed37.jpg
And what's even better? A friend to share it with! Pushing both of them together was even more tiresome...I wimped out after a few pushes around the kitchen and living room.
 photo IMG_9936_zps90ccd016.jpg  photo IMG_9937_zps00b46315.jpg  photo IMG_9938_zpsa0114cbe.jpg  photo IMG_9939_zpsf79b1bf3.jpg
How much can you fit in your laundry basket?

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