Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Eve II~New Jammies!

It is a fun tradition to get the kids new PJs each Christmas Eve. Truth be told, they were a little upset that they didn't get all matching ones this year...I didn't know that it mattered so much to them. Bennett was very specific that he wanted a warm sleeper, and it is a bit hard to find them in his size now! So by the time I found him one, I  had already got ones for Coy and Mylie at Sam's that were too good a deal to pass up...therefore, no matching jammies this year. Oh well, they still look cute to me.

Can you tell I have a thing for stripes? I just noticed that I have all three of them in stripes.

 photo jam1_zps06afdffe.jpg
  photo jam2_zpse6f2d6ca.jpg
 photo jam2a_zps8922524a.jpg
 photo jam3_zps671d6b0e.jpg
 photo jam4_zpsaccd4fac.jpg
 photo jam4a_zpsf0ed6b7e.jpg

 photo jam5_zpsc1ed835d.jpg
 photo jam6_zpsb6382962.jpg
Coy is finally learning that it is good to "pose" for the camera, and actually likes me to take his picture every once in a while.  YEA!!!
 photo jam7_zps7394bc3a.jpg
He was a little overly excited in this picture. He was doing his "shake with excitement thing" in this picture. If you know him,  you know what I mean. When he gets excited,  he still shakes (like he has ever since he was a baby) and does really funny smiles. I keep wondering when he will grow out of it, but hope it isn't soon.
 photo jam8_zps1d9236e9.jpg
 photo jam9_zps7d84028b.jpg

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