Sunday, July 15, 2012

Huntington Beach~

For those of us who don't get to experience it often, the beach truly does take your breath away! It is such an amazing thing to experience. I wish we could go back! The weather was quite windy and cold, but that didn't stop us from at least getting a little wet! It was very overcast which made for fabulous pictures, though! I was glad that I brought my nice camera with me to the beach.

The kids could have played in the sand forever! And I was just glad it was the hotel's tub that we got to give them a bath in when they were done :)

Coy was in little boy heaven! That sand was the best entertainment ever.

That wind made my hair pretty wild! It was hard to get a picture without it blowing in someone's face!

Can you tell this next picture was point and shoot? I was glad I brought that camera too so I could take some little videos and do a self portrait with me and Russ.

Those waves were enought to knock Mylie right over, so she was pretty careful and just stayed near the edge, although she did get close to being knocked over quite a few times, since it was pretty windy and wild out there. But Bennett was glad for those big waves that would bring in the biggest shells! That was his mission, to find the best shells! He loved it!!! He really did get quite a few nice ones.

As you can see, we weren't the only crazy ones braving the freezing beach weather!

We had to take a walk down the pier. It was even more FREEZING and windy up there, especially when you are wet and not wearing much.

Coy cheesing it for the camera:

Oh look, the sun is finally starting to peak through the clouds, right when we are ready to leave and go back to the hotel...go figure!

Mylie was going to fly away on the wind with her towel.


Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy said...

Your trip looks like it was lots of fun! You capture everything so perfectly. I want to take my kids to the beach, I bet they would love it too!

The Monson Family said...

Oh the beach looks so fun. I love playing in the sand and hearing the waves crash. (Even if it is cold!)