Thursday, February 9, 2012

January recap~

Rewind. I have so much coming up in February, but I thought I'd better do a January recap. January is definitely a unique month. In many ways I love~okay maybe only like~it, but I also really don't like it. It's great at first, but then just seems never ending--cold, dreary, gray, gets to be yuck to me after a while. So I am super glad to be welcoming February! It holds a special place in my heart especially since we welcomed our little girl into our family almost four years ago. I also love that it is a short month, after the unending doom and gloom of January. But here is why I like January:

Just one more celebration to welcome a new year. It promises new beginnings, another chapter of life, and many things to anticipate and look forward to.

We rang in the new year at Patrick and Kara's this year with lots of yummy food and fun entertainment in the form of the old-fashioned Little Rascals episodes that Patrick rented from Netflix. The kids though it was hilarious!

Another thing I like about January is how laid back it is. After the busy holiday season (which I love), it is nice to take it easy and just relax a bit at home! Coy and Bennett are enjoying some library book fun.

And here's a little card playing fun. Old Maid in the form of Disney Princess, with the Old Maid being none other than the wicked Ursula.

This game is some serious stuff.

Oh, and who can forget the cute little impromtu tea party we had. What started as a princess party ended up with the brave and cunning Spider Man being more than willing to pour the "tea."

Also, a great thing in January is getting to celebrate Russell's birthday. This year we went to the Temple and then ate at Famous Daves. Thanks to my mom for watching the kids! He picked brownies and ice cream for dessert afterward.

These crappy flash pictures from his birthday (and from many of the pics in this post) inspired me to buy a new "Point and Shoot" camera! It is so nice to have a camera that requires little to no thinking and works much better than the old point and shoot that we got back in 2004. It's amazing how far technology has come since then...So in January I also got a new camera...which I was planning on buying soon anyways because in January we also finally booked our Disneyland trip which has been literally YEARS in the making. And I really wanted a little P&S to take with us. We are so excited to finally go this summer.

And that was my January recap, sort of, in too many words because I never can make it very short.


richfam said...

I hate January too! Asher has that same Spiderman costume and Sage has the Rupunzel. Cute pics!

Critt & Britt said...

Happy birthday Russ! I give January #2 worst month and February gets #1. Does winter ever end???

Strong Family said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy! I can't wait to see your pictures from Disneyland. So fun! I'm just curious what is your favorite P&S Camera?