Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is Halloween~

I know we are all in Christmas-mode right now, but here is a little look back at our Halloween! It was only a month ago.

Here are the kiddos all dressed up and ready to go. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Mylie chose (all on her own this year) to be Fancy Nancy. I think it fit her personality perfectly! Bennett really wanted her to be Lucy from the Peanuts characters, but Mylie didn't want to be Lucy because she is too mean!

So by Bennett's design, he was Snoopy and Coy was Charlie Brown. Coy didn't object, he just kind of wondered why we were drawing on his forehead.

And here is "Snoopy." I thought it was kind of a funny thing for a 6-year old to be, but there is no changing Bennett's mind once he has made it up. I just tried to get as creative as I could with two XXL men's white sweatshirts and some black felt.

And I decided to be...."the eighties" as Mylie put it. "Mom, are you the eighties?" Kind of a last minute idea.

And Russ...well, Russ was just plain old "ugly." :) I finally caved and let him wear his hideous mullet wig that I think he got for an object lesson a few years back. I am sure we are quite the pair.

All ready to go. Let's get some candy!



Strong Family said...

You guys are so fun! You all look really good. I love Mylie's outfit of Fancy Nancy. Too cute! Would never have thought of that. She makes a very Fancy Mylie.

Critt & Britt said...

Love it!!! You are rockin the eighties girl!!! I love love love Mylies Fancy Nancy. Her hair is amazing.

The Monson Family said...

You always have the best costumes! (Gary has a similar hat to Russ'; he wanted to wear it to the grocery store once, but I wouldn't let him).