Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{the party}

Here are some pictures from Mylie's party (finally!)

But first here is just a little about my little girl:

She is so happy, cute, and dramatic. She loves to sing and pretty much sings all day long. She is currently bonkers over Cinderella and would watch it every day if I let her. (She takes after her mom on this, apparently.) She knows all of her uppercase letters, and lowercase (except for mixing up p's and q's) and most of the sounds. She counts to 20, but always leaves 16 out. She loves playing princess, make believe, and reenacts Cinderella all the time. Bennett is still her best friend and she loves to play with her brothers. She is still as skinny as they come, tipping the scales at 23 pounds, but that is a huge improvement from last year being 18 pounds at two years. She is 36.5 inches tall. And something I didn't realize until I took her in for her 3 year WCC, after a very sick year from one to two years, she hadn't been into the doctors since her 2 year old check up! So she's had a healthy year!
Mylie's birthday was so fun. Since it is on Valentine's day, we always have a fun theme to work around. We started the day with heart-shaped pancakes and eggs for breakfast on heart-shaped plates. From here, I'll just let the pictures tell the story:

Here she is checking out her cake.

This was my first attempt at a somewhat "fancy" cake. Thanks to Karlie in my ward (she is the most fabulous cake maker you could ever know) for letting me pick her brain. I used her buttercream frosting recipe and it was delicious and made frosting a cake easier than ever (along with all her helpful tips!)

The kids decided they wanted to go to the Candy Shoppe since we did that last year for Valentine's. So here we are getting ready to go.

Mylie's gotten a bit taller since last year!

I had a great time planning and preparing for this party. I like to go beyond just the cake and ice cream thing just because it is Valentine's after all, and I need to convince people to come to my house to celebrate it! This year I decided to do an array of desserts. Kind of fitting for the sweet-filled holiday.

Here's me with my girl.

The dessert table:

I made some cute pom-poms out of tissue paper for decoration:

These cake balls inspired by Bakerella were so so delicious. I still crave them everyday! In fact I'm planning on trying out the cake pops for Coy's Birthday party. (I know it's still more than 5 months away, but I've already got it all planned out in my head! Mylie's birthday got me on a party planning kick!) Thanks Lynette for the cake pops book.

Another picture of the cake and some raspberry cupcakes. (Believe me, I really limited the number of cake pictures from what I took. Cake photography is kinda fun!)

Here's the storyboard displayed...Still struggling on where to put it in my house now...

More yummy treats. Found these from Sharstin's blog.

Fresh flowers make me so happy. I don't know what it is about them, but I just love seeing them on my table. I think I need to make it a regular thing in my house. They just make me happy! Can't wait until spring when we can bring in some daffodils and tulips!

The presents. Mylie begged for this dress when she saw it from JC Penney. It is a true "princess" dress. Silly me though, she has no shoes to match it. Still haven't been able to wear the dress yet. Not to mention it's been a little too cold.

Here's that magical moment when everyone sings and you get to blow out the candles. Her joy and pleasure was just radiating from every inch of her. It was such a fun moment to share with her. She even joined in and sang along to Happy Birthday.

I love you so, so, so much Mylie. Thanks for being my sweet little girl!!!


stewart.shana.ella said...

Love, love cake pops. I made them for Ella's birthday:) Looks like a very fun party.

Gary, Aubrey, and Jacob Monson said...

She is such a cutie! What a fun party; you really went "all out." I'm sure she loved how girly everything was. Pink is such a fun color (especially on Valentine's day).

richfam said...

Way cute! Looks like she had a good birthday.