Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've been working on my 2009 photo book and I just had to share little Mylie in this "vintage" dress. It was my dress when I was a baby. It kills me how much she has grown in the 2 years since I took these pictures. My baby girl is going to be 3 in just over a week! I feel like I ache for and miss my kids from the past, but I love so much what they are becoming as well. You just can't hug them, cuddle them, or squeeze them enough! So here's to all you moms out there. Go and give your little ones an extra love and kiss... because, whether we like it or not, they won't stay little forever!


richfam said...

Way cute! They do grow up way too fast. The more reason to have MORE!

Lindsey Rose said...

Em! How are you? I cannot believe how super cute your kiddos are! Holy cow Coy is so big! We miss you guys!