Thursday, June 17, 2010

My trip to Brianhead and Brysen's full preview...

I have the full preview of my cousins cute little boy on my PHOTO BLOG as well as a bunch of blabbing about my fun girl trip to Brianhead last week...Maybe soon I'll post something here that isn't related to photography. We did go to the zoo fun! And my belly is getting huge in case you were wondering. I might need to post some pictures :) I have passed the 30 weeks mark by a week (so now I am 31, but I think I really might be 32 weeks...long story). I feel more like 40 weeks. Do I really have 8 more weeks? The two children I have love to fight and purposefully bug the other, so when they are yelling and crying I think to myself, I can't wait to add a crying newborn on top of it. OK, so they aren't like that the entire day, but sometimes (like today) it sure feels like it. I decided to take them to the library, credit union, mall, and Sam's club today. That is like self-torture. And who knew sharing a water bottle could be such a problem?

Anyways, I really do love my kids, especially right now when they are slumbering sweetly. And I really AM excited for when I have a cute little baby boy around...even if it will be chaotic. So for now, here is this cute little baby boy:

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