Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Little Valentine and a Trip to the Candy Store

Here she is...the best Valentine gift ever. She is definitely the light of my life...I just can't get enough of that spunky little girl. I had to take her out real quick to get some shots in her Valentines/Birthday clothes. Seriously, this shoot took a total of about 5 minutes because it was cold! And boy did she cooperate...It's fun when they get to be two and know what it means to "pose". Her little poses and expressions crack me up! Plus a little bribe to go to the candy store (see below!!) after helped. I knew I also wanted some fun candy shots to go along with the Valentines theme.

Yes, I made her bow (I've been asked) just especially for her birthday and aren't those little shoes to die for? I had to put a pair of socks on and stuff her leg warmers in to try to get them to fit, although they still kept falling off.

Love, love, love you Mylie Girl!
~See what I mean about the cute poses!~

~This picture above is my very favorite of all. It's the same one that cropped close up it both ways!~

I convinced Bennett to get back out of the car for "ONE" shot. He said "Mom, only one" and seriously, this was it. I amazingly stuck to my word and only took ONE click! So cute! I only had to bribe him with picking out what came out to THREE treats at the candy store.
~He did agree to pictures in the candy store, though~
Once he saw the big lollipop, he totally forgot about the other two treats he could have picked!

~Mylie's first response to the lollipop: "It's heavy!" And it was!~

My little Valentine cuties!

The workers at the store also gave them each a balloon. So fun!

{love the lollipop on her face}
Mylie also had to have the Valentine's Candy Corn. They have cute little tables and stools to eat your treats on.
I told the owner that I would put in a plug for her store...It's just behind the mall and such a fun place to take the kiddies! Check it out!


Strong Family said...

So cute! What a fun idea, the candy store. :) Love, love, love the shoes. She is just so beautiful!

Melissa said...

The pictures turned out great! She is sooo cute! I love the rounded corners too! Where did you find your action. I found mine at fun little site. You should do a tutorial on the bows... They are so cute!

Heidi said...

Those are so cute! She looks a lot like your mom to me.

Stinkbombers said...

Hey! I love those HUGE lollipops! Mylie looks like she might fall over holding it! :)
Hopefully you will be able to come over! We're planning on having everyone over for Steve's birthday. Grant and Vickie had to cancel their time they were going to come check it out. So that's the plan so everyone can see the new place!

BKC said...

Where is this cute candy store that I know nothing about? You're seriously so talented and your kids are gorgeous!

Natasha said...

These pictures are all so cute. Probably has a lot to do with your talent and your gorgeous kids. I also love the candy store. I am so going there with my daughter.

Emily Harkness said...

The candy store is behind the mall next to the beauty college. Check it is so fun!